Why is Crossroads Church pursuing this renovation and building project? At Crossroads Church, we recognize that healthy church growth is not primarily numerical; it is spiritual. Our desire is first and foremost to see people grow spiritually in their walk with Christ. Numerical growth is not necessarily indicative of a church’s health. Nevertheless, God has been pleased to grow Crossroads Church numerically over the past two years. 


Our growth has included many young families with small children. Our classroom space needs to be renovated to accommodate the number of babies, toddlers, and elementary age children coming to our church.Our goal is to have adequately sized classrooms for nursery, toddler class, preschool-kindergarten class, and elementary, youth, and adult discipleship classes. Our bathrooms space is barely adequate to support our Sunday morning gatherings. Our current men’s restroom is a single occupancy restroom. We believe that we are at a place where we need to plan for the future and planning for the future means we must think about building and renovation. But buildings are not our only plan for accommodating growth. 


We have a strong desire to raise up leaders and send some of our families out from amongst us to go plant churches in other parts of the Salt Lake Valley and around the world. Our prayer is that Crossroads would become a church planting church for many generations to come. Furthermore, Pastor Matthew Emadi will be working with the North American Mission Board in their Multiply Church Planter Training program. Pastor Matthew will be actively involved in training Utah church planters to equip them for gospel ministry in their specific context. 


Our vision for ministry has never been about buildings. Our vision focuses on preaching the gospel, making disciples, and proclaiming Christ from all of Scripture. Nevertheless, as God continues to bless the ministry of Crossroads, we need to plan for the future. In an effort to steward our property well for years of fruitful ministry, we believe that we need to build a new auditorium and create additional parking on our property. We believe that God is going to allow us to have a space large enough for our people to gather together as one church to worship God in spirit and in truth. We need classroom space adequate enough to assemble our children to teach them the oracles of God. We desire our building to be a place where the saints can gather to be equipped for the work of the ministry. Our prayer is that Crossroads Church would raise up missionaries, church planters, and pastors to help spread the gospel throughout Salt Lake Metro and beyond.